Spruce Creek Golf Course
A beautiful 9 hole setup carved out of the Canadian Shield. Located on HWY 619 approximately 2.5 KM east if HWY 621. Call 807-488-9706 for more info.
Spruce Creek Golf Course Member Page

Accessible by boat and water craft. See your camp/lodging provider for directions to the site nearest. For more modern day cultural experiences, see below list for the tradtional pow wow dates in Morson each August.

Traditional Pow-Wows
For a change of pace, visit a native pow-wow with traditional dancing and drummers competing from all over the country. Big Grassy First Nations typically hold their event the first weekend in August. Big Island First Nations generally hold theirs the 3rd weekend in August. Contact MTA to confirm dates.

Tomahawk Lighthouse
The lighthouse was originally built in 1900 and was operated until 1962. The Pentney family moved the lighthouse to mainland and has restored the building. Located at the end of Lighthouse road west of HWY 621; open from May-September by appointment only. Call 807-488-5719.

Outdoor Photography
Over 300 different species of birds including the American bald eagle, white pelican, blue heron, common loon, Canadian goose and numerous ducks call this area home. With other wildlife added to a list that also includes: sunrises, sunsets, and Aurora Borealis displays that give you chills, there is much to capture with your eye and camera.

Oscar Bay Beach Park is located at the end of Frenchman’s Rock Rd off of Hwy 621 and offers day use facilities and play ground equipment plus sand beach. Morson and the southern portions of Lake of the Woods have many sand beaches for families to enjoy swimming, water sports and relaxation.

Whether you like to pitch a tent or RV in comfort, there are several options for you in Morson that include amenities. You may also choose one of the 1000s of islands in the area that are crown land if you want to rough-it on your own. See our member pages for resort/campground options as well as to inquire about the purchase of crown land camping permits required for non-Canadian residents.

Click our Museum & Tour List link to find details of various museums and attractions in the Lake of the Woods area. See how each is significant to the modern culture of those that call Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River District home. This list includes: lighthouses, a steam locomotive, a one room schoolhouse, veteran’s memorials, a pioneer museum, cultural centres, and historical markers.

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