Fishing & Hunting

Aggressive northern pike, huge muskie, top dancing smallmouth bass, schooling crappie, and delicious walleye are reason enough to make the Morson area of Lake of the Woods, Canada your next fishing destination. Our great selection of fine resorts and accommodation options will have you eagerly awaiting your next visit before you make it home from your first!

Muskie – Season opens 3rd Saturday in June. Muskies Inc. has rated Lake of the Woods as one of the top muskie lakes in North America. With chances at both numbers and size within its unlimited, unmatched fishing structure, LOTW is considered muskie heaven to more muskie anglers than not.

Northern Pike – Season open year round. These aggressive hunters can be found lurking in weed beds and shoreline structures. Sizes of 5 to 10 lbs. are common and lunkers near 30 lbs. have been caught. Regardless of the size of pike you have hooked, you will still have had a remarkable experience with one of the fiercest fighters on the lake.

Walleye – Season closed April 15 until 3rd Saturday in May. These delicious shore lunch fish are second to none. You will never forget the taste of the wilderness after experiencing this traditional midday break when lunch is cooked fresh from the lake.

Smallmouth Bass – Catch and release only through June 30. The fast paced action of smallmouth bass fishing lures many a bass fisherman to our area. Smallies are one of the most underfished species targeted here.

Crappie – Open year round. Our crappies, often weighing a pound or more are rapidly gaining popularity as a sport fish of choice on Lake of the Woods. Using light gear gives you the best chance of landing a limit of slabs.

Lake Trout – The clear deep water of Whitefish Bay is one of the few habitats for lake trout on Lake of the Woods. This superb fishing area is a relatively short boat trip from Morson and many of the island resorts in our area.

Perch – Open year round. Perch fishing, though not having the popular reputation of other fish, are plentiful and reach a good size.

When you pack your fishing gear, bring lures for casting, trolling and jigging. Bring lures for big fish and small fish. Keep you camera ready so you can catch, photograph, and release your trophy class fish for replicas and memories!

Lake of the Woods, truly a one stop fishing destination for superb fishing!

With its abundance of game birds and large animals, Morson is also a popular destination for hunters.

Wild rice bays are excellent feeding ground for migrating waterfowl. Duck hunting on Lake of the Woods is among the finest in the world. Geese are also an option for bird hunting enthusiasts. Grouse, sought for their delicate flavor, are plentiful as well.

Bear and deer are hunted on both the mainland as well as the islands. If you are planning a spring or fall bear hunt, make reservations early as the hunts are very limited.

The Aulneau Peninsula, a vast undeveloped wilderness area of Lake of the Woods, is a prime hunting area. This area is a primitive weapons only area and is the only area where non-residents are allowed to hunt moose. Be sure to reserve early as moose tags are limited. Because of the size and terrain of the Aulneau Peninsula, only hunters with a range of experience and training in wilderness survival should tackle this area without a professional guide. Guides are available from many of our member resorts in the area.

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